Decision Experience
Decision ecosystems for banking

Trust Based Systems Delivering Greater Confidence.

Delivering Improved
*Risk, *Regulation, *Results

84% of CEOs lack trust in their data

Do not have the decision support for a digital era

  • Left wanting when making the tough calls?
  • Concerned with data quality & consistency?
  • Worried about transparency?
  • Are you across opportunities and threats?
  • Have certainty around risk & compliance?
  • Are you getting insight to act on?
  • Is it timely?
  • Does it cost too much?

Add value with better risk, regulation
to drive growth and margin

  • Regulatory Reporting
  • Productivity Gains
  • Cost savings
  • Budgeting and strategy
  • Stress testing and scenarios
  • A.I. and Data Driven Decisions
  • One Source of Truth

Unify Decision Processes

“Stop creating reports. Start building decisions”

Decision ecosystems are the future of building data quality and data granularity for AI driven decisions. To feed accurate and qualified information to robotic processes to drive real time, informed, decision making. 

Reinvent Knowledge workers 

No more compiling reports – They integrate with A.I. to drive decisions


A.I. assisted decisions are cheaper, simpler and more powerful with structured knowledge working.

Your business structure is designed to produce information.

Everyday you receive alerts and reports in a volume you cannot consume.  Critical insight is lost in noise or delivered too late without context.

A decision ecosystem is a business structure designed to give decision makers what they need to know, when they need it, to maximise outcomes. To qualify, quantify, analyze, predict. To bring risk and regulation under control.

Where every process and every person is focused on outcomes not reports.

Low Risk, Low Cost, Minimal Disruption

Easy to adopt

Cloud solution that seamlessly connects to your existing systems causing zero disruption to your current operations.

Simple to use

An intuitive and user-friendly platform that is aligned with your current way of working and requires minimal training.

Cost effective

Save costs and enhance productivity by eliminating manual work, human errors, spreadsheets audits and external consultants.

Test, plan, predict, and report in real time with Reggie, your personal A.I. assistant.

Running financial scenarios through regulatory algorithms, Reggie assists you with:

  • Running stress tests and different repricing scenarios on the spot
  • Generating a 3-year forecast or a capital and liquidity plan in minutes
  • Getting accurate reports on demand
  • Producing reliable budget forecasts on the go
  • And much more!


Who is it for?
PerformInABox is specifically designed to support nimble and dynamic financial institutions (such as community banks, credit unions, fintechs, insuretechs, local Government) who are looking to digitise their regulatory and strategic workflows while avoiding the big price tags.
Will I have to change or abandon my current systems?
Not at all!
Our cloud solution integrates with your core systems and replaces the workarounds, spreadsheets, manual processes that are a nightmare to the businees.
Will that make my business fully automated?
Not exactly.
While Perform in a Box automates processes and provides you with reliable decision-intelligence, you are still the one making the calls. When a human input is needed, the platform will automatically allocate the relevant task to the right staff member creating a hybrid decision-intelligence model.
What happens when regulatory requirement change?
You’re safe with us!
Unlike ad-hoc solution that exist in the market, Perform in a Box is a holistic and future-proof solution built to face all current and future risk and regulation scenarios. Creating a structured data pool that is reliable
and accessible, means you can extract any data piece (down to transaction level) in real time (literally in minutes) and are able to comply with any regulations change, now and in the future.