Taking decision making into the future

AI and Decision Performance will not happen with spreadsheets

Leaders want a modern digital world of high-performance decision making supported by AI.

The truth is that they have a fragmented environment of incomplete and inaccurate information held together by spreadsheets.

95% of executives claim that data and analytics has made decisions harder

We enhance decision making and encapsulate AI by managing what is your reality and humanising decisions


Decisions are made by humans not machines

Data analysts and AI experts do not understand the hard grind behind making decisions in an imperfect world with the responsibilities placed on leaders' shoulders.

DX-Decision Experience is a framework built on years of experience in multiple industries dealing with complex decisions.

We have built systems from mining models, to logistics, to Government strategy, to banking regulation. 

The result is happier teams and better decision outcomes at less cost with less risk.

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Founders Story

Passionate in tech making human decisions better

After holding various senior positions assisting executive teams across different industries and countries, David noticed a failure of data-driven decision-making. Executives expressed frustration that the data they got was not relevant to the decisions they had to make.

While working on systems for regulatory compliance, risk management, and new reporting standards, David realized that traditional report-based systems were no longer effective.

David understood that artificial intelligence and advanced systems would revolutionize decision-making processes. These experiences culminated in the creation of the DX - Decision Experience methodology and the introduction of Enterprise Value Planning.

Regulatory Returns, Risk Controls, Stress Tests, Prudential planning
Digital transformation in courts, transport and roads, land and strategy
Inventory management, payroll, stores, mine financial models
Container management, victualling, payroll, ship management, Shipping documentations, railways
Market campaign management, pricing, inventory management
Involved in clean energy innovation and solutions for clean water and clean power
Recognised by IBM for innovation thought leadership.  Working with Microsoft, Rocket, ...
Author of the CEO Innovation Blueprint on practical innovation for leaders

Meet our team

Dr Kris Babicci

Banking Advisor

Jerome McTeigue


Robin Meisel

AI/Data Scientist

Jan Rautenbach