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Decision Quality

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What we do

Creating a safe space free of internal politics and vendors, to look at the problems and innovate the decision process

95% of leaders do not believe current solutions are effective!

How do we fix it:

  • Identify and prioritise problem areas
  • Provide thoughts on how to use new technologies
  • Reframe the organisations approach to decision support
  • Identify how to cut costs and increase productivity
  • Solving issues of audit, security, privacy, accuracy
  • Carry out investigations, audits, reviews of problem areas.

Decision Quality and Performance

Sports teams invest in athlete performance, with a focus on how athletes think and optimising their mind for success

To succeed, organizations need to invest in performance of the human mind in evaluation and decision.

They need systems and processes that empower human capability and protects them from traps in human thinking.


What are the outcomes you are looking for

Prevent Burnout

How can you stop leaders being overwhelmed.

Fix Broken Systems

How can we fix the ineffective decision support systems.

Stakeholder Expectation

Ensure decisions meet approval of stakeholders.

AI Hype

AI has set expectations but has failed to deliver
How we can make it work for you

70% want robots to make decisions for them

This is not going to happen as AI does not have the corporate knowledge to work with. 

Where AI can have impact is through what-if process of human decision making.

"What-if" is the foundation of optimisation, risk management, decision evaluation. Whether a big decision or down to credit decisions through to IFRS standards.

This is the most effective method of AI that is transparent, ethical, and meets governance requirements.

This is the future of AI, and Dx Labs can help you create such an environment